2nd Flush,Darjeeling

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 This is a second flush prepared from high quality AV2 bushes. “the youngest tea estate of Darjeeling”. Summer Beauty Muscatel consists of brownish black leaves and few silver tips. The bushes are covered with thick natural shades which help the leaves to retain chlorophyll and give it a unique taste. It brews into an aromatic bright amber cup with a very smooth flavor without any astringency. It has been planted with special green tea clones which have negligible tannin content keeping in mind the new age tea drinkers. The tea has a mouthful sweet and fruity muscatel character with a finish of honey and mango flavor. It has no astringency and is a very compelling make. The cup is very smooth and sweet with pronounced vegetable flavor. It has a deep crisp refreshing finish. It has a lingering and sweet long lasting after taste

 This tea is harvested from the end of 3rd week of May to the 3rd week of June.
½ tea spoon ,best alone without milk and sugar, infuse twice.