White Oolong

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 White Oolongs are just beginning to gain the recognition they truly deserve in the UK. Grown  in India. "Oolong" is a genre of partially oxidized teas, that can be oxidized somewhere between green and black teas (5% to 85%), they vary in color from bright green, to deep brown. Oolong tea production requires a lot of manipulation and human contact, making it an artisanal treasure.

Oolong tea has a unique flavor range; some are rather floral and bright, and sometimes sweet, others can be deep, rich and buttery. High mountain oolongs is  roasted- they have a bright "Smoky" " flavor. robust aftertaste. Darker oolongs, such as Oriental Beauty are fruity, deep and sweet tasting. Not only is oolong tea prized for this unique taste, but also its cholesterol lowering and fat burning qualities. Studies have recently proved that oolong tea contains high levels of polyphenols; just like green tea, one of the best natural fat burners you can find!