St Mary's School, Singla


“I wanted to do something for school children in India, I was so impressed by St Mary’s school and all they are trying to achieve in this remote area of the Himalayan foothills that my friend Dennis and I decided that this was a project we wish to support” - Ratan Mandal
St Mary’s School is nestled among the tea gardens of Singla in the Himalayan foot hills 17 km away from the main town of Darjeeling.

Unemployment in the area is the main problem (estimated to be 75% of the working population). The majority of the adult population have not received an education. Working as a tea garden labourer is their only realistic option to earn a living. A tea garden worker receives a very poor wage.

However, education provides a real opportunity for young people to achieve a qualification from which the chance of employment in the expanding and bustling town of Darjeeling or further afield is improved. As a result families send their children to St Mary’s School which has an excellent reputation for its discipline and quality of education.
TEA2YOU supports the school by selling tea towels from the Borough Market Shop. All profits go to the school to help maintain its fine work educating the young people of the area.
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