Health Teas

Enhance your well-being with Tea2you's exceptional selection of health teas, carefully crafted to provide an array of benefits. Packed with antioxidants, essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins crucial for optimal body functioning, our teas are tailored to suit your unique needs. Note: this is not intended as medical advice .

Bitter Melon Tea

Packed with antioxidants & vital nutrients* and green tea that are known to:
- Promote cell regeneration and bone and skin health
- Enhance athletic performance
- Support wound healing processes
- Maintain blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol levels and aid in the liver cleansing process
- Low-calorie / high-fibre composition aids the weight loss process
* Catechin; Folate; Iron; Magnesium; Potassium; Vitamin A & C; Zinc
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Yogi Tea

Made with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial ingredients* to:
- Reduce mensural pain
- Promote skin appearance and health, slow the breakdown of collagen, and increase blood circulation. It also lessens symptoms of eczema
- Help to treat liver, kidney, and spleen problems
- Improve digestion with a mild laxative effect
- Reduce stress and anxiety while increasing alertness
- Remove free radicals and harmful cell growth linked to some cancers
* Green tea, moringa leaves, gymnema leaves, holy basil and ashnagandha roots
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Detox Tea

Our blend* contains antioxidants & key nutrients* that are known to detoxify your body:
- Clears the digestive tract
- Improves immunity by removing free radicals and pathogens from the blood and certain organs
- Enhances skin appearance
- May aid weight loss when used alongside other weight loss efforts, especially when used as a replacement for other high-calorie drinks
- Relieves some respiratory issues
- May reduce stress
* Green tea; Holy Basil; Marigold
* Carotene; Manganese; Hydrochloric Acid; Flavonoids; Vitamins; Minerals
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Her Tea

This green tea has a variety of herbs with bioactive ingredients* which are ideal for women's reproductive health:
- Relieves menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms and regulates menstrual cycles
- Supports hormone rebalancing and reduces symptoms of menopause
- Calms the body, relaxes the mind, boosts mood and encourages better sleep
- Antioxidants allow for enhanced skin appearance, a boosted metabolism and better gut health
* Ashwagandha; Liquorice; Shatavari
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Ginseng Oolong Tea

Key ingredients* in Ginseng and Oolong tea can encourage and support heart, brain and bone health:
- Promotes relaxation while improving cognitive performance
- Diabetes prevention may occur by lowering plasma glucose
- Reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thus reducing risks of heart disease
- Supports weight loss by increasing enzyme inhibition and calorie burning
- Could play a role in preventing certain cancers by stopping harmful cell mutations and divisions
- Maintains tooth and bone strength
- May improve symptoms of eczema
* Calcium; EGCG; L-theanine; Magnesium; Potassium; Theaflavins; Thearubigins
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Contains powerful antioxidants & nutrients* to support overall health while preventing illness:
- Destroys harmful free radicals that cause cell damage and disease
- Reduces inflammation linked to heart disease, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis, among other health issues
- Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels
- Fights certain types of certain bacteria
- Could help with weight loss
- May support cognitive health or prevent future cognitive issues
* Anthocyanin; Beta-carotene; Calcium; Iron; Niacin; Phosphorous; Riboflavin; Vitamin C
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Jade Green Tea

A green tea rich in antioxidants.* It is well known and widely accepted as possessing numerous health benefits:
- May assist in the prevention of certain cancers and preventing harmful cell mutations
- Promotes skin health through anti-inflammatory qualities
- Associated with better heart health, stabilising blood sugar levels, and lowering blood pressure
- Removes harmful free radicals and toxins in the body, promoting better overall health
- May improve cognitive function and slow brain ageing
* Calcium; Catechins; L-theanine; Magnesium; Phosphorus; Potassium; Theanine; Vitamin A, B, C, E
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Turmeric Tea

Black Tea blended with turmeric and black pepper which contains high levels of antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties* that can:
- Address digestive disorders and skin health
- Possess preventative and disease-fighting abilities
- Allow for better sleep if consumed before bed
- Lower blood pressure and body fat levels to better heart health
- Boost mood and brain functioning while producing a calming effect 
* Calcium; Curcumin; Iron; Magnesium; Phosphorus; Piperine; Potassium; Zinc
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Welcome Tea

Our signature blend* has a wide range of benefits that rely on anti-inflammatory, calming properties:
- Improves sleep and calms the mind
- Enhances skin health and appearance
- Helps with digestion
- May prevent certain types of cancer
- Lowers blood sugar levels and promotes heart health
- Offers support to the immune system and may ease the symptoms of cold and flu
* Chamomile; Citrus; Mint
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Tulasi Tea

A tea for all reasons, the key ingredient is Tulasi * (Ocimum tenuiflorum or Ocimum sanctum) and black tea:
- Popularly used for boosting immune responses
- Protect organs and tissues against chemical stress from pollutants
- Counters metabolic stress through normalisation of blood glucose, blood pressure and lipid levels
- Reduces psychological stress through positive effects on memory and cognitive function

*Within Ayurveda, tulasi is known as “The Incomparable One,” “Mother Medicine of Nature” and “The Queen of Herbs,” and is revered as an “elixir of life”
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