5 things Tea2You’s teas can do for your health

Comforting warmth and unique tastes are some of the main reasons we love tea, but this is not all that tea is good for. In fact, teas offer countless health benefits to tea drinkers all over the world. Some of these benefits have been known and carried through generations, while other benefits have emerged more recently as discoveries from the fields of nutrition and science. Tea is often overlooked as a means of keeping your body healthy, functional, and happy. You might be surprised by the varied health benefits that different teas can offer. Take a scroll through this article to explore the interesting health benefits of tea and to see which ones to look out for on your next visit to Tea2You - online or in store.


  1.     Packed with vital nutrients & flavonoids.

Each tea has its own unique composition, containing minerals, vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that are crucial to overall bodily health and functioning. Each tea has its own unique combination. Drinking a variety of teas regularly can help the body to build up and maintain a healthy level of all the nutrients that it needs, while providing it with further flavonoids that offer bodilly maintenance and disease prevention. These can range from antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, to antibacterial and antiviral properties. 


  1.     Fighting disease & illness.

Tea can nurture your future health by preventing various ailments that are so common in today’s fast-paced world. You may have reached for a ginger tea to sooth a sore throat, or a chamomile tea to fight insomnia, but tea possesses the ability to fight so much more than that. Antioxidants found in many teas are known to combat harmful free radicals that can be cancer causing. Additionally, these antioxidants can help to clear the body of other harmful toxins while possibly addressing already existing health issues. 

For example, certain teas can provide relief to allergies, skin inflammation and digestive discomfort. Because tea can make digestive systems function more efficiently, a lot of teas are a good aid to weight loss programmes, especially when they are consumed in place of high calorie drinks. Tea could possibly also aid in the reduction of the risk of type 2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels. Additionally, the flavonoids found  in tea can aid in the lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol levels which in turn can promote better heart health.


  1.     Reproductive health.

Do you  need help with soothing menstrual cramps and lessening PMS? Tea; see “Her Tea”, is a helpful friend to the difficulties and stresses of reproductive health. Not only can it soothe pain and lessen other side effects that occur during menstrual cycles, but it can also help the body to balance your reproductive hormones. And even better, it can also help to lessen the side effects of menopause, such as struggling with hot flushes and mood swings. 

  1.     Bones, teeth & skin.

Maintaining your healthy bodily functioning is not all tea can offer. Certain teas contain high levels of fluoride, catechins and tannins that can strengthen your teeth. Moreover, these ingredients can also fight plaque - they can make your teeth more resistant to acids and sugars that are plaque causing. Other ingredients can provide bone strengthening advantages, such as polyphenols that are found in many teas. They may increase bone mineralization and delay bone mineral density reduction. 

Your skin will also thank you for drinking tea. The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial components a cup of tea holds can offer a variety of skin enhancements. These include a more noticeable glow, rehydration, acne reduction and increased skin cell turn over to slow the aging process. Some teas may even help to reduce and soothe certain skin conditions like eczema. 


  1.     Brain health & better sleep.

There is nothing like a cup of warm tea before bed. But did you know that tea actually helps you sleep better? Many of us around the world today live and work under conditions of stress and anxiety. As mental health and quality sleep is very much part of one’s general health, it is important that tea be recognised as a means of calming the mind and body. Some teas (but not all!) can help you to sleep quicker, longer and deeper. Even better, some teas can help to boost your mood and relax your mind, making them the perfect aid to fighting depression and anxiety. This considered, tea is a fantastic and tasty way to keep your body and mind happy and healthy. 


Interested in exploring the teas we offer and their unique benefits in more detail? Visit our page to see which health tea is best for you and your body, and what their unique properties are.


Written by 

Bianca Lombaard

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