Borough Market Tea Tasting Experience

The Tea Tasting Experience at our shop in London's Borough Market will provide you with a deeper knowledge of tea's integral part of British culture. You will learn about the nation's favourite beverage from Tea2you's tea experts who has been working in the industry for many, many years.

The Tea Tasting Experience will last 1 hour. During the Tea Tasting, you will taste and smell many different varieties, learning how to distinguish between and value them.

Make your own hot cup of tea with the help of Tea2you's experts' wisdom. 

Learn about the art of slurping and spitting, and why this is necessary to help you define the taste!

We will teach you how to make the perfect cuppa, and clear up some common misconceptions!

You will learn all about our teas: where they come from, how they are picked, what is behind their names, and what makes them so special. You will also find out how tea first came to the UK, how it was smuggled, and all about tea's dark history.

Bespoke Corporate Tea Tasting

We offer a unique and sophisticated corporate tea tasting service that is the perfect non-alcoholic and healthy alternative to traditional wine and whiskey tastings. This service offers participants an exquisite journey into the world of premium loose leaf teas. Our carefully curated selection of teas explore a range of different white, green, oolong and black teas, individually chosen for each event.

The experience is crafted to cater to a corporate setting, fostering team-building and relaxation. Participants learn about the rich history and cultural significance of each tea, elevating their appreciation for the art of tea-making.

Expert Advice

Our expert consultants bring a wealth of knowledge in the world of tea, carefully curating a selection that aligns with the ambiance and clientele of your establishment.

From exquisite loose-leaf teas to rare blends, our consultants work closely with you to understand your brand identity, menu, and customer preferences. We conduct thorough tastings and pairings to ensure that each tea enhances the overall dining or club experience, complementing your culinary offerings.

Our service extends beyond selecting teas; we provide staff training on tea preparation, presentation, and the art of serving. Elevate your establishment with a tea menu that reflects sophistication and diversity, creating a unique selling point that resonates with tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.