Dear Ratan,
I wanted to write to you to thank you very much for the beautiful tin (as well as the satin ribbon!) that you added to my parcel.  And thank you so much for filling the tin so nicely with the jasmin tea.
 I really didn't expect this and it  filled me with joy.  
My friend is, like me, a big fan of jasmin tea and I am sure she will love it.
I had discovered your shop in Borough market once with a friend, when you so kindly showed us how to make Darjeeling tea. You then, showed me the jasmin tea. I never forgot the strong flowery scent of the jasmin and, during the lockdown, I found your online shop.
I think  you sell the best jasmin tea in London and I will leave an excellent review about your shop.Emoji
Wishing you a great weekend
Stay safe too
Hi Ratan
Hope you , your family and staff are all OK and that you have been able to open up again now in the market.
I have just placed an order, as I am down to my last weeks tea. I have been in the shielding group so I have hardly left the house since March, except to clap the NHS staff and walk down the end of my road to the post box.
When I wake the first thing I do is put the kettle on and make my first Darjeeling brew, it helps me get into a good mind, and I can picture your shop when I drink it. I have no idea when it would be good for me to visit London again. They are suspending the shielding from the start of August, but are recommending caution if going outside.
I hope your business is picking up. I have changed my lifestyle in getting supermarket deliveries, doing online banking and mail order deliveries. Although that means I can carry on getting my essentials, I miss the human contacts, although using zoom/skype etc to maintain contact with family and friends.
Anyway hopefully things will get better, not sure when, but they will.
My best regards to you, and hope we can meet again sometime soon.
Good evening Ratan,
We hope this email finds you, your family, and your team healthy and well.
We, of course, have been enjoying our special English breakfast and Honeymoon teas!  They have made sheltering-in-place so much more enjoyable.
A good work friend of Bill’s is a solicitor in London who is studying for her licensing exam.  She loves tea, so we are sending her a tea care package with your teas!  We know that she will be even more successful on her exams fueled by your elixirs!
Our very best to you,
Tara and Bill
(who both are currently enjoying First Flush Honeymoon tea!)
Hello Ratan, again. Now that I've got Dad hooked I think that I'm going to buy some for my mum and myself. It's so delicious Rachel Sermanni
Thank you very much for the tasting last week when I visited Borough Market. You and your colleague were both very helpful and courteous.The presents I bought were carefully and delighfully wrapped; a lovely shopping experience.
I bought from the stall at Borough Market while I was still in London. May I say your mint tea is the best I've had, and I'll be returning over and over to buy from you and you only! Thank you so much for such a great product! Larc Muckenmuller 3609 Coral Springs Dr Coral Springs, Florida United States
Thank you very much! Our tea arrived today. You may not know this but my wife and I were at the Borough Market on a very wet morning, December 27. It was the first place we visited having arrived by plane at 6:30 am. With great flourish and ceremony the young man offered us a sample of the 1st flush tea which we liked but wanted something with a little more body to it. He suggested 2nd flush which we purchased and brought home toWinnipeg. We loved it and hence ordered more.Thank you again
If it is possible at all, could you please send the tea in an unmarked envelope? It's for a present and I don't want my husband knowing what's in the package! Sara Segura
HI Ratan! I keep meaning to write. I hope you are well. My father is well thank you. We received the tea! Lovely as always. It is the first time I have tried the masala tea and it's really nice! Will have to buy some more when I run out... currently having at least one cup a day! All the best Bob Bob Basu
The tea is Delicious! You will note we are trying other varieties but 2nd flush is still our favourite. I took the liberty of giving a bag to a very new small tea and coffee shop just opened in our neighbourhood. They have excellent coffee made using a slow drip method one cup at a time but their tea selection leaves much to be desired. the two very young owners completed the interior of the shop entirely on their own and are very proud of the wood work. We will educate them on tea! Every time we use Cam Mackie
We have very much enjoyed drinking your delicious teas - no going back to supermarket brands now! Best wishes
Paula Hoolahan
Namaste Ratan, I have started learning a bit of Hindi to prepare for my visit to India. I have private lessons with a proper teacher of Hindi from Jaipur. I am finding it a bit difficult. I am concentrating on speaking, not the writing yet. I hope I will be able to chat a bit to the children at the school and the teachers. Of course many of the teachers will speak English, but it shows friendly respect for them! Best wishes HELEN HELEN Nattrass
Thank you as always for your delicious tea which I look forward to receiving Paula Hoolahan
A long, cold winter! I should have ordered more the last time. Thank you for excellent tea and good s
We are still enjoying our delightful first and second flushes.  In fact, afternoon tea together with our Honeymoon Tea has become an iron clad ritual of our shelter-in-place/work-from-home Corona times.  We are so very grateful to you and your teams for bringing us such a special treat to these days.


 Tara &Bill 

Washington DC 


 Dear Ratan
This time some whisky tea as well as my favoured Darjeeling. Lockdown is a challenge so we need help from the homelands! As this one is blended with the “water of life” as we Scots call whisky, I may actually go without the milk.
So delighted that you are open at Borough Market. It might be a while before I make it that way but you will be the first port of call, After the barber’s shop!
With much thanks and in anticipation of fine tea arriving.
Sincerely as always
Colin A Cameron
On : 29/06/2020
Dear Ratan,
Thank goodness I am able to order tea from you. All the commercial teas are horrible, and I have run out of your teas.
 I hope your business survives this terrible time.
 As I have now moved to Edinburgh I will have to continue to order by mail, unless you set up a branch in Edinburgh!
 My very best wishes,