Butterfly Pea flower Tea ( Making a Beautiful & Magical Drink  )

Butterfly Pea flower Tea ( Making a Beautiful & Magical Drink )

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Also known by its scientific name, Clitoriaternatea, the butterfly pea is a plant native to Asia. It is rich in anthocyanins, which are the antioxidant compounds responsible for its unique blue color.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of butterfly pea flower tea is that it will change color when the pH balance changes. A deep blue tea infusion will turn purple with the addition of lemon juice (acidic nature), turning a deeper shade of purple.

Tasting Notes: Butterfly pea flower tea tastes like a fine green tea which has an earthy, woody flavor which feels fresh and citrus with a smooth finish. 

Harvest:  As the perennial plants can be grown all across the year, they will grow their best when you start them at the starting stage of autumn season or at the end of the spring. Annual plants have to be planted during these particular times

Origin:  Suitable Regions in India: Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, states of India

Altitude:  1000 feet app

Sourced: Direct from the small farmer, organically grown,

Grade:  Flower

Making a Beautiful & Magical Drink:

  1. Use 1 teaspoon per cup / Small Glass teapot
  2. Metal or plastic strainer
  3. Heat water to roughly 95°C/203°F
  4. Pour boil water into the cup on top of the flower
  5. Add a dash of cold water
  6. Steep for 3-5 minutes and enjoy
  7. Strain butterfly pea flowers to a teacup.
  8. Pour about 1/4 to 1/3rd of the tea concentrate into a glass with ice and add 2 teaspoons of lime juice and the blue color will turn to purple, like a magic. Top up with soda or just plain water.
  9. You can also drink like hot tea with some snacks. Enjoy your healthy drink with someone!

Interesting Fact:
One cup of butterfly pea flower tea packs a powerful punch. It helps in facilitating digestion and is a great stress-buster. The richness of proanthocyanidin complexes in blue tea makes it a refreshing, delightful and nutritious beverage. It is said that it helps improve heath of hair and skin.

It is extremely low in caffeine.

Please Save our Climate: Please don’t throw the used tea leaves into the bin, they aid to good composting. Tea2you follows the 3R rule.