Chai ( Indian Masala Chai)

Origin:Kolkata ,India Leaf Type: Orthodox Taste :Proper Chai like India Drink: with milk , Honey ,Ginger Black Pepper separately                Brew: 2-3 minutes according to taste ( Chai !Chai ! in Indian Railway )
                                       Inspired by the traditional street stall of Kolkata , India.


Ginger : A warming spice that boosts circulation , relaxes blood vessels and detoxifying effect .It excites the brain and in old age awakens young love
Cinnamon: a pungent a warming spice . It helps with aching joints and complements other herbs.
Clove : a stimulating spice with antiseptic qualities, help during cold and flu seasons and restoring body heat
Black Pepper : with its piquant aroma it is used to ease away aches and pains imparting an underlying warmth to the body .Cardamom : stimulates the mind and gives clarity . It is used for treating bloating , fluid retention and helps the digestion process.

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